"Now's the Time" Performance 🎼
Taking a Rhythmic Approach to Improvisation
"Con Alma" Performance 🎼
Playing Your Solo in Different Styles
"Miss Angelou" Performance 🎼
Non-Functional Harmonies
"On Green Dolphin Street" Performance 🎼
Playing Odd Meters
"What Is This Thing Called Love" Performance 🎼
Tips for Playing Fast
"Chelsea Bridge" Performance 🎼
Playing Ballads Lyrically
"Stuffy Turkey" Performance 🎼
Getting Inside the Monk Sound
Geek Talk: Saxophone Equipment
Horn Maintenance and Cleaning
Saxophone Basics and Exercises
Practice, Practice, Practice!
Practicing With Con Alma
How to Construct a Solo 🎼
Altissimo Extended Techniques and Exercises
Cadenzas and Endings