Genius Chord Warmups

Adam Maness expands on his wildly popular chord warmup videos with this deep dive Guided Practice Session™ course. Practice with Adam as he takes you through helpful chordal warmups in all 12 keys.

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Adam has been and continues to be an inspiration, and there is so much more to discover. It’s a blast and worth every single penny

Chirstoph H.

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“This is absolute GOLD. I’ve made this part of my warmup and am learning so much.”

Chela W.

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I found Adam’s YouTube videos and Open Studio as a result. I love the quality and the way he approaches teaching Jazz Piano.

Simon B.

Finally, an easier way!

Ever wish there was a short exercise to help you get warm as you begin your practice AND a way to learn basic music theory at the same time?

Practice with Adam Maness as he takes you through helpful chordal warmups in all 12 keys.

After taking this course you’ll have a better understanding of functional harmony and how to practice voice leading in a simple and considerate way.

  • LEVEL 2
  • 13 Videos
  • 3.5 hours
  • Play-Alongs
  • guided practice sessions
  • 100-page PDF workbook
  • Subtitles: English

Workbook Included

Downloadable 100-page workbook is included in the course.

What You’ll Learn…

With Genius Chord Warmups, Adam walks you through each exercise in immersive Guided Practice Sessions™ – helping you build muscle memory and master these beautiful harmonic movements in every key. 

Meet Your Instructor

As Open Studio’s Creative Director, Adam Maness develops the curriculum of all of the courses, in addition to teaching his own popular course like Magic Voicing SystemPiano Fingering Independence and more.

Adam is a versatile pianist, arranger, composer, and producer whose performances, original compositions, and arrangements have been featured on numerous recordings and on national and international radio and television broadcasts. He is best known as co-founder and composer for the genre-bending chamber ensemble, The 442s.

Course Contents

Course content

  • Introduction
  • The Standard
  • The Hinge
  • The Spread
  • The Approach
  • The Oblique
  • The Sugar Chords
  • The Voice Leader
  • The Tritone Substitution
  • The Mountain
  • The Spider
  • The Secondary 2-5
  • The Mu 2-5-1