Audio Versions of Lessons

Audio Versions of Lessons
13 mins
Playing the Piano
21 mins
Experiments with Touch, Sound, and Color
32 mins
The Piano as a Drum Set
7 mins
Process: Becoming a Jazz Musician
20 mins
18 mins
Space Is the Place
8 mins
Experiments with Harmony, Chords, and Counterpoint
18 mins
Body and Soul: Contrapuntal Playing and Voicings
15 mins
Experiments with Deep Listening
18 mins
Intros, Endings, and...
24 mins
How to Learn a Tune
30 mins
Thoughts on Playing without Fear and in the Moment
6 mins
Composing and Building a Repertoire
22 mins
J.S. Bach and Charlie Parker
14 mins
Experimenting with the Blues, Monk, Coleman, and Parker
12 mins
What and How to Practice
15 mins
2 mins
47 mins