Walking with Scales

Transform major scale practice into beautiful walking bass lines!

Bass guru Bob DeBoo’s new beginner bass course to help get you mastering practicing scales.

What’s the best way to practice with scales?

Don’t just practice your scales, WALK with them!

With Walking With Scales you and Bob will work through all major scales one-by-one, in 2 octaves, and with his suggested fingerings, turning them into beautiful walking bass lines. 

We’ll turn those potentially boring major scales into the bebop scale – and then turn that into beautiful, flowing walking bass lines using a Guided Practice Sessionapproach. These days bassists are expected to be proficient on upright and electric, so we’re going to practice everything on both instruments and make those scales swing!

  • LEVEL 1
  • 16 LESSONS
  • 2 hours
  • Worksheets
  • Guided practice sessions
  • Subtitles: English

After completing this course, you will be able to…

  • ⚖️  Play all of the major scales in 2 octaves, or electric/upright/both
  • ?️  Learn Bob’s suggested fingerings for every scale and exercise
  • ??  Develop a good sound and feel for walking bass lines
  • ?  Understand Bob’s “groups of 2” fingering concept
  • ?  Know and be able to play the bebop scale
  • ?  Use the major and bebop scales to build beautiful, flowing walking bass lines

Workbook Included

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“Bob DeBoo is a phenomenal instructor… He makes learning fun and easy.” 

Andrew D.

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 “Bob is not only an amazing instructor, but I find inspiration from watching him perform. Bob is one of my greatest mentors.”

Chris S.

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Being self taught, Bob is teaching me the fundamental “Building Blocks” that I didn’t realize I needed.

Kevin M.

Get your “Groove Guidance”

Bob DeBoo’s Walking With Scales provides “groove guidance” on both the upright and electric bass, with everything being practiced as if it were being performed.

Meet Your Practice Guru

Bob DeBoo is an in-demand performer on both the double and electric bass. Some of the projects he’s been involved with the last couple years include playing with David Sanborn’s Acoustic Quartet, Peter Martin, Geoffrey Keezer, Alarm Will Sound, James Carter, Matt Wilson, Ron Miles, the 442s, leading his own quartet, and much more.

Bob has also been a part of numerous Open Studio live concert events and courses. He is also highly active in education, having worked with Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Jazz for Young People program, JazzSTL’s JazzU program and more

Course Contents

Start Here

  • Welcome To Walking With Scales!

Major Scales Practice – Upright. WWS3

  • E, F, Gb
  • G, Ab, A
  • Bb, B, C
  • Db, D, Eb

Putting the Scales Together

  • E, F, Gb
  • G, Ab, A

The Major BeBop Scale

  • Bb, B, C
  • Db, D, Eb
  • Upright
  • Electric
  • What Is the Bebop Scale?
  • Major Bebop Scale Practice (Upright)
  • Major Bebop Scale Practice (Electric)
  • Walking with the Major Bebop Scale (Upright)
  • Happy Practicing!