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Our recommended courses for gifting:
  • Quick Start Jazz Piano Bundle (Adam Maness) - Seven of Adam's most popular courses at one low price. šŸŽ Gift this course
  • Thoughts and Experiments with Solo Piano (Fred Hersch) - A guide to freedom, imagination, and fearlessness at the piano. šŸŽ Gift this course
  • Jazz Piano for Beginners (Peter Martin) - our most popular piano course, takes the student from aspiring to functioning jazz pianist. šŸŽ Gift this course
  • Elements of Jazz Piano (Peter Martin & Adam Manes) - great for pianists that can play some jazz, but are ready to go to the next level - šŸŽ Gift this course
  • Advanced Jazz Piano Concepts (Geoffrey Keezer) - perfect for the skilled jazz pianists looking to up their game to the pro level, from modern piano master Geoffrey Keezer. šŸŽ Gift this course
  • Fundamentals of Jazz Bass (Christian McBride) - from the Grammy winning modern virtuoso, perfect for ALL bassists or anyone that loves Christian McBride. šŸŽ Gift this course
  • Fundamentals of Jazz Drumming (Greg Hutchinson) - great for all level drummers, taught by modern master and inspiring instructor Gregory Hutchinson. šŸŽ Gift this course
  • Define Your Voice (Dianne Reeves) - from 6 time Grammy-winner Dianne Reeves. For all who love the human voice, with loads of instruction and beautiful performances. šŸŽ Gift this course
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