#GivingTuesday with Pianos for People

We've teamed up with Pianos for People, a not-for-profit organization that inspires successful futures by providing free access to the transformational power of the piano.

For every purchase you make today (including gifts), we'll donate a lesson to a Pianos for People student through our Master Mentor Program.
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Pianos for People

Tom and Jeanne Townsend founded Pianos for People in honor of their son, Alex, a musician and artist, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 21.

Pianos for People provides free pianos, lessons, workshops, and special events to St. Louis students – now serving more than 200 children in after-school and weekend programs.

See Their Impact

Tom and Open Studio

Tom Townsend was also one of Open Studio’s founding investors and business partners.  Tom’s passion for music and compassion for people cannot be overstated. 

Sadly, we lost Tom this past October.  He was a true inspiration to people all over the world, and had a profound impact on anyone with whom he came into contact.
"The art of making music is a powerful art form, and making it accessible to all is exactly why I love Pianos for People"
Peter Martin on Pianos for People
“To me, these particular individuals and their shared passion and commitment are a rare combination. Open Studio is very special, with artists head-and-shoulders above their competitors.”
Tom Townsend on Open Studio

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