Lesson Packs

Specially curated packs of lessons from the Open Studio course library concentrating specific concepts or themes.

These packs give you deep access to a variety of course, and are a sampling of Open Studio's course offerings.

Lesson Packs

Samba Pack

Learn Brazil's most famous rhythm with Brazilian masters
✓ Piano  •  Guitar  •  Bass  •  Drums 

Ballads Pack

Learn how to play ballads beautifully
✓ Piano  •  Bass  •  Drums  •  Guitar  • Trumpet  • Saxophone  •  Vocals  • Vibraphone

Bebop Pack

Get the iconic sound
✓ Piano  •  Bass  •  Drums  •  Guitar  • Trumpet  • Vibraphone

Blues Pack

Understand the blues, the heart of jazz
✓ Piano  •  Bass  •  Drums  •  Guitar  • Trumpet  • Saxophone  •  Vocals  • Vibraphone

Guitar Voicings Pack

Level-up your chord game
✓ Guitar

Lubambo Method: Sampler Pack

Brazilian Guitar Lessons from a Brazilian Guitar Legend
✓ Guitar

Jazz Piano Method: Sampler Pack

The perfect sampler of the ultimate ongoing jazz piano education experience.
✓ Piano

Modern Jazz Pack

Update your playing right now
✓ Piano  •  Bass  •  Drums  •  Guitar  • Trumpet  • Saxophone  •  Vocals  • Vibraphone

The Bird Pack

Selected lessons from Jazz Piano Method featuring tunes & concepts made famous by Charlie Parker.
✓ Piano

The Monk Pack

Journey through Monk's unique style & compositions with 7 lessons from the Jazz Piano Method.
✓ Piano

Voicings Pack

Build better chords to be a better pianist
✓ Piano

Open Studio Sample Pack

Try a lesson from every course offered, from every artist.
✓ All instruments

Hutchology: Sampler Pack

Sample lessons from the ultimate insider course from a drum legend, Greg Hutchinson.
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