Living Notation

The ultimate game changer for your jazz studies!

Speed Control

Slow down or speed up at any time using the controls at lower left of the video – the pitch will always stay the same!
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A/B Loop For Focused Practice

You can easily loop sections by clicking where you’d like to start and dragging across the notation to the where you’d like the loop to end. This feature is especially useful for practicing a few measures over and over, and can be combined with the speed control.
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Interactive Keyboard & Fretboard

To toggle the interactive keyboard or fretboard on or off, choose the fret or keyboard button in the bottom right corner of the video player. Note that the keyboard is available on many lessons beyond just piano courses.
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Notation Your Way

There are many different ways to read music so we want to give you as many different ways as possible. With Soundslice you can view the sheet music in standard notation, tablature or chord names (if applicable).

To show or hide the different sheet music elements, you need to click the “SmartMusicSoftSynth” button in the middle of the video player. After the SmartMusicSoftSynth bar comes out, click on the elements that you would like to toggle on the screen. You can have only one if you like, or all of them!
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From Open Studio members.....

“I’m blown away by the staff notation following the video! That is unreal. Bravo. This changes the whole concept of a tutorial video!”
“This is the wave of the future. Follow the bouncing ball times 10!”
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