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January 01, 2021

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Here's a handy 🎹Piano Course Guide to help you get started:

Jazz Piano Jump-Start - Peter Martin and Adam Maness
Jazz Piano for Beginners - Peter Martin
Jazz Chords for Beginners - Adam Maness
5-MInute Ear Training - Adam Maness

Elements of Jazz Piano - Peter Martin and Adam Maness
Jazz Piano Basics | Vol. 1: Lead Sheet Breakdown - Adam Maness
Jazz Piano Basics | Vol. 2: Left-Hand Voicings - Adam Maness
Brazilian Jazz Piano - Helio Alves
Piano Finger Independence - Adam Maness
Magic Voicing System - Adam Maness
Block Chords Made Easy - Adam Maness
Triad Pairs Bootcamp- Adam Maness
Thoughts and Experiments with Solo Piano - Fred Hersch

The Jazz Piano Method - Peter Martin
Keez to Jazz Piano - Geoffrey Keezer
Advanced Jazz Piano Concepts - Geoffrey Keezer
Elements of Solo Piano - Geoffrey Keezer

All Levels
Jazz Glossary - Adam Maness
Jazz Piano Technique - Peter Martin and Adam Maness

Rhythm Section
Rhythm Section Fundamentals - Peter Martin Trio
Brazilian Rhythm Section - BRS Quartet
Rhythm Section Workout - Peter Martin Trio 
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Christopher Neale

The recently added "Search" button inside courses is great. It would be good to have a similar one which searches across courses.

Really enjoying all the course material!

Really enjoying the lessons and resources, but feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of courses.

Do you recommend sticking to one course at a time or dipping in and out of courses?

Is there a a recommended pathway through the courses?

Hi Toby. There isn't a wrong way to approach. This article may help give guidance. https://openstudio.helpscoutdocs.com/article/52-which-piano-course-is-right-for-me

This looks wonderful! Enjoyed the live lesson with Peter.. can’t wait to get started on my jazz piano journey 🎹🎶😊

Simon Emanuel

Hi, new joiner here.. I’ve started the GPS from Day#1. When I get to Day#9, Adam mentions a supporting PDF in Resources. Is this still available?

Hi Simon, On earlier DGPS' he put the resources in the RESOURCES section of the Table of Contents. Later on, he began putting them in the actual DGPS.

Simon Emanuel

Thx! Found it (eventually) 😊

Tiago Varanda

Hi! Is there a Masterclass archive so we can watch past ones?

Hi Tiago. The Master Classes are only available for replay for a few days after the live event.

In some of the lessons you guys talk about backing tracks for learning tunes. Where do I find those?

Hello, Lesson resources are available for each lesson underneath the video player.

Hi, I used to subscribe piano lessons and I stopped subscribing few months ago, and now I am back. I remember there was a everyday-practice kind of course(Daily Guided Practice? Can't remember the exact name), but for some reason I can not find it any more. Did you guys take down that course? That was one of the main reason why I decided to subscribe again so I really hope you guys didn't take it down.

Hi there. It's still there. Check the PRODUCTS tab on your dashboard. It's called Daily Guided Practice Session.

Is there a way of getting back to the point where you were at in a course before shutting down? I previously saw a “resume where you left off” button but hasn’t seen again

Hi Walter, when you go to your Dashboard and see the list of your courses, the orange button will say "Resume Course" if you have already started it and take you to where you left off.

Also when you have the table of contents open on a course, all lessons that you already viewed will be crossed off.

Should I check out the new course Bebop Enclosures for Beginners or wait to finish the 3 beginner courses first ? I am currently at Jazz for Beginners - Peter Martin - Blue Monk.
Thankyou for your advice !

Hey there. There’s no wrong answer to this. The Bebop enclosures is a wonderful course answering a very specificity question. If you are ready, go for it! These smaller courses can easily be taken while working on other larger courses.

Thankyou !

Michael Goldson

I thought I heard there was an app available for download. Is that correct, and if so where would I find it? Is it iOS or Android?

Hi Michael, head over to the Daily Guided Practice course on you dashboard. There is a link there for the app. (It's a "progressive web app" so you don't have to get it from the app store.

Steve Barnette

Time to update the page there are new piano courses that need to be added.

michael jefry stevens

Where do I find the pdf worksheets that are discussed in the daily practice room???

Hi Michael. It's in the RESOURCES section of the Table of Contents in Daily Guided Practice Sessions

Francisco Lopez

Gracias por estos cursos , están excelentes y sin duda unos de los mejores, grandes músicos y la didáctica maravillosa. Con estudio y dedicación se podrá incrementar exponencialmente el acervo musical y los recursos jazzísticos serán ilimitados.

Steve Barnette

Wishlist idea. At first I was going to say topic list for the Daily GPS archive so can find things like the first videos on Major scale, first video on Philipps, first lesson on . That would help for going back to work on a particular topic. Then it hit me that would be cool for all the piano courses an index to lessons on Pentatonic, XYZ chording, and so on. If not an index maybe a way to do a search for a topic keywords and which classes of which lessons touch on the keyword.

What's the difference between Jazz Piano Jump-Start and Jazz Piano for Beginners?

As a Jazz beginner (I'm a fairly accomplished classical pianist), which should I take first?

It looks like the Jump-Start could be considered more of an "applied" course to get you playing different forms quickly, since there is more theory in the "Jazz Piano for Beginners" course?

Hi there,

That's a good assessment. The Jumpstart course has some play-alongs and Guided Practice Sessions with the goal of getting you playing and hearing the sounds while the Beginner course breaks things down a little more.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

FWIW - I am a fairly accomplished classical pianist too - at least I thought I was! - and understand a fair amount of theory as well. I started exploring the OS courses in April with the Piano Access Pass, which let me check out all the piano courses I thought might be good starting places and also provides the huge benefit of letting me tap in to the Daily Guided Practice sessions either live or later. I highly recommend this approach. Sampling from many of these courses has been great for giving me a sense of what lies ahead, which is exciting - and having a roadmap is always helpful. Through this process I've uncovered specific deficits mainly in the way I think at the keyboard, in the way the classical training I had developed certain "muscles" and left others neglected. After running through the Jumpstart I'm finding mastering both the Jazz Piano for Beginners and especially the Jazz Chords for Beginners courses is filling in some of those gaps, helping my brain learn how to recognize and recall voicings and showing me the process for learning grooves and acquiring hand independence in a completely new way, while the access to the Daily Guided Practice sessions lets me stretch out, exercise these growing abilities, and find connections. A super investment in a comprehensive education IMO. Sorry so long!

I don’t get this course need help

Hello Frank, You can either click above for the course, or click "PRODUCTS" above the post and you will see all of the courses in your dashboard.

How you get the course

Is there any way I can pin this to my dashboard as the first thing I see after I click "Dashboard?" (for future reference...)

Hey Elia, this post is pinned in posts so it will be on the top of the feed here.

GREAT! thank you

Alexa Morales

Videos are not playing in Keez to Jazz, is a server down?

Alexa Morales

I've restarted browser, logged out and back in. Video was playing before...

Should be up and running Alexa.

Federico Moral Iadarola

Where is Chord for begginers from adam?

Good catch! Added to list.

Josef Zachariassen

Yeah! Let's make this quarantine effective!

Irugsbev Dyahitquzo

The outline of courses at each level is very useful. Thanks!

Glad you like it. Happy Practicing!

this is great!

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