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Mark H. (USA)


"I’m impressed with the content, presentation, and skills of your staff. I’m quite happy practicing and it’s great to be able to go over the comprehensive material."

Hiram L. (USA)


"Open Studio is an amazing place to learn music. The teachers are very knowledgeable, and helpful and the community of members are positive and supportive."

Charles V. (USA)


"I'm glad I signed up for Open Studio. The instruction is practical, comprehensive, and inspirational. It makes you want to practice more."

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Play More, Think Less
Discover the joy of improvisation. Let your creativity flow while your intuition guides you. 
Ignite Your Childlike Enthusiasm for Growth
Set goals that mirror the anticipation and excitement of a child's first recital. 

Find a Mentor
Benefit from the wisdom of world-renowned jazz mentors who've walked your path

Engage with the Community
Join the largest community of like-minded jazz musicians in the world.

Share, Learn, and Evolve Together
Learn from others, share your own insights, and grow together. 

Embrace the Beginner's Mind
Be free to experiment, make mistakes, and discover your unique musical voice. 

"Open Studio has been a godsend"

"I’ve improved more in the last two weeks than in the previous two years. Thank you for creating this wonderful community!"

Todd Jackson, member & pianist

The Open Studio Guarantee

Dive into our lessons, join our community, and embrace the Open Studio Way. If you don't feel your progress within 30 days, we'll refund your membership.

Your success is our promise. 

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