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Here, beginners and professionals alike are transformed into better, more confident, more inspired jazz musicians.

That’s why we’re willing to promise: you’ll be a better player. Guaranteed.®  

Nowhere else will you find teachers like this, at rates like this.

We're talking names like Peter Martin, Gregory Hutchinson, Geoffrey Keezer, Sean Jones, Dianne Reeves and Christian McBride, for starters. Major players of the world’s greatest rooms. Streaming lessons to your own great room. Or wherever you like to learn.

We call it Living Notation, because it brings your playing to life.

Demonstrations appear as notation in real time with Open Studio's Living Notation. Add exclusive teachers from the global jazz scene today, and inspiration flows from the moment you log in. 

You landed here for a reason.

Access to this caliber of talent, at this cost, would never be possible before. But today with streaming video and our own Living Notation software, Open Studio brings lessons from legends right to your door.

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"Some of the best musicians around sharing their "secrets" and knowledge on how to become a better musician. Highly recommended!"
Tor B. (Norway)
"I'm glad I signed up for Open Studio.  Just going through a few of the lessons in depth has helped my jazz piano study immensely. The instruction is practical, comprehensive, and inspirational. It makes you want to practice more."
Charles V. (USA)
"I’m impressed with the content, presentation, and skills of your staff. I feel blessed to have found this music resource. I’m quite happy practicing and it’s great to be able to go over the comprehensive material."
Mark H. (USA)
"Open Studio, offering lessons from some of the world's leading jazz artists."
The New York Times
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What happens after I purchase a course?

You will get instant access to all lesson videos, downloads, and course resources. You can start 1-minute after signing up!

Where are all the other courses?

We're in the process of migrating to this fantastic new platform. You can purchase and access all our other courses at our original site.

How do I know if a course is right for me?

Visit each individual course page for a detailed overview which includes the level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and full lesson plan. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime, we're here to help guide you to the right course!

New Platform and Site

We're excited to be creating a brand new site - same great courses, content, teachers, and living notation, but on a brand new, blazing fast platform. We have some fantastic new, member-requested features that will simplify and enhance your learning, as well as improved organization of all courses and lessons.

So what does this mean?

  • We're in the process of moving all courses to our new site: (right where you are now).
  • Presently, almost all the courses are posted, and they'll all be posted in the coming weeks. 
  • For now, please feel free to check out and join any of our courses at When we finish migrating, we’ll let you know, and you’ll receive priority access to all your course purchases right here!
  • Current Open Studio members can continue to access all their courses at, as well as here as they are migrated.


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