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Blueprint for Jazz Bass

Bass Lessons from a Bass Legend

Ron Carter welcomes you into his process of bass magnificence. Learn how to create an iconic sound and construct legendary bass lines directly from the Maestro.

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"A good bassist determines the direction of any band."

Ron Carter (the most recorded bassist of all time)

The Maestro has a plan, do you?

Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished pro, Ron Carter will guide you in creating your own unique sound in this brand new course, Blueprint for Jazz Bass.

Maestro Carter masterfully breaks down his techniques for getting an iconic sound. You'll learn how he "connects the dots" to create some of the greatest bass lines in jazz history.

You'll also get Open Studio's popular Guided Practice Sessions. Pro bassist Bob DeBoo practices with you, holding your hand through the course material. You don't just take in the teaching; you practice, play, and absorb it.

"Creativity is not a property of exceptional people. It is an exceptional property of all people."  - Ron Carter

What Ron Carter will show you:

  • 🧍🏿‍♂️ Posture
  • 🔊  Sound & Right Hand Technique
  • 🔥  Warm Up Technique
  • 📐  Note Length & Playing Horizontally
  • 🌓  Half Position
  • 🌕  First Position
  • ✨  Functions of Non-Chord Tones
  • ⛏️  Filling Space
  • 🏗️  Drops & Details
"What a privilege to listen to Ron Carter explain his thought process."

Michael L.

"As a pianist, it's great to think about how to apply these lessons to piano bass lines."

Patrick S.

Living Notation

Watch every note that Ron Carter plays with the innovative Living Notation player.

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About your teacher

Officially, the most recorded jazz bassist in history, over his 60 year career, Mr. Carter has recorded with many of the jazz greats greats including Miles Davis, Lena Horne, Bill Evans, B.B. King, Dexter Gordon, Wes Montgomery, and more.

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Includes: Guided Practice Sessions™

Open Studio bass guru, Bob DeBoo, breaks down the Maestro's lessons with easy Guided Practice Sessions™ showing you exactly how to practice.

Bass Lessons from a Bass Legend


Join Open Studio and get all courses starting at $33/month, or buy LIFETIME ACCESS to this course with a single, one-off payment.