Bebop Practice Pack

10 Guided Practice Sessions™ from piano guru Adam Maness on the classic style of bebop.

Ready to Bop? Start Here.

As bassist Christian McBride says “bebop language IS STILL modern-day language!”

The iconic sound dates back to the brilliant musicians of the 1940’s, and it lives on as the most influential foundation for today’s great improvisors.

Start playing, hearing, and feeling better bebop with 10 curated lessons from Adam Maness’ popular Guided Practice Sessions™ (previously on LIVE on YouTube).

Adam helps you build a solid foundation for learning the language, covering the fundamental elements of Open Studio’s bebop approach:

  • Bebop Enclosures
  • Broken Seventh Chords
  • Triplet and Swing Feel
  • Phrasing
  • The Blues and Bebop
  • Bebop Compositions
  • and more

Plus you’ll see how to put your practice into action with lessons and transcriptions on the language of bebop masters Barry HarrisClifford BrownCharlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Clark and more. 

  • LEVEL 2
  • 10 videos
  • 5 hourS
  • Guided practice sessions
  • PDF WOrkSheets
  • Subtitles: English

Meet Your Instructor

As Open Studio’s Creative Director, Adam Maness develops the curriculum of all of the courses, in addition to teaching his own popular course like Magic Voicing SystemPiano Fingering Independence and more.

Adam is a versatile pianist, arranger, composer, and producer whose performances, original compositions, and arrangements have been featured on numerous recordings and on national and international radio and television broadcasts. He is best known as co-founder and composer for the genre-bending chamber ensemble, The 442s.

Course Contents

Concepts & Exercises

  • Bebop Enclosures for Beginners
  • Bebop Enclosures Scale Exercise
  • Bebop Basics in 12 Keys
  • 3 Levels of Bebop

Tunes from the Greats

  • Learn a Thelonious Monk Composition in 20 Minutes
  • Learn a Charlie Parker Tune

Language of the Masters

  • Learn An Iconic Bebop Solo in 30 Minutes
  • Bebop From a Fusion Master
  • Barry Harris' Piano Poetry
  • Learn a Classic Jazz Piano Solo In Less Than an Hour