Jazz Chords for Beginners

Stop playing the worst chords! Master the right voicings for any situation, and how to practice them, with Adam Maness’ ultimate course on chords.

Play better chords…with better voicings.

No more getting stuck on a chord you don’t know. No more weak voicings and poor voice-leading.

Adam Maness helps you master six crucial chord types and guides you through the go-to voicings that every jazz pianist should know:

  1. Rooted 5-note voicings for solo piano
  2. Rootless 4-note voicings for playing with a bassist
  3. Rootless Left Hand voicings for accompanying yourself

And with our exclusive Guided Practice Sessions you won’t just be fed information without a plan. You’ll practice with Adam to train and ingrain these chords in all 12 keys, so you fully absorb them in your playing fast and forever.

  • LEVEL 1
  • 12 videos
  • 2.5 hourS
  • Guided Practice SessionS
  • Subtitles: English

Meet Your Instructor

As Open Studio’s Creative Director, Adam Maness develops the curriculum of all of the courses, in addition to teaching his own popular course like Magic Voicing SystemPiano Fingering Independence and more.

Adam is a versatile pianist, arranger, composer, and producer whose performances, original compositions, and arrangements have been featured on numerous recordings and on national and international radio and television broadcasts. He is best known as co-founder and composer for the genre-bending chamber ensemble, The 442s.

Course Contents

Start Here

  • Welcome – Basic Chords

Rooted 5-Note Voicings

  • Lesson
  • GPS #1
  • GPS #2
  • GPS #3

Rootless 4-Note Voices

  • Lesson
  • GPS #1
  • GPS #2

Rootless Left-Hand Voicings

  • Lesson
  • GPS #1
  • GPS #2