Just Friends: Art of the Duo

15-time Grammy nominated pianist, Fred Hersch and friends teach you how to play piano better when accompanying other musicians in a duo. 

Music is more fun with friends

Fred Hersch helped you conquer solo piano, now he lays out exactly what you need to master the art of playing as a duo 

Fred breaks down:

  • the subtle differences between solo, duo and trio
  • Creative ways to partner another instruments
  • Leveraging the experience of your musical partners
  • Accompanying bass solos
  • The secrets of accompanying a singer
  • memorizing tunes in different keys

Fred enlists the help of his musical friends Anat Cohen (clarinet), Gabrielle Stravelli (vocals) and Drew Gress (bass).

  • LEVEL 4
  • 15 videos
  • 3 hours
  • PDFs
  • Subtitles: English

Featuring duos with

Drew Gress

Anat Cohen

Gabrielle Stravelli

Meet Your Instructor

A select member of jazz’s piano pantheon, Fred Hersch is a pervasively influential creative force who has shaped the music’s course over more than three decades as an improviser, composer, educator, bandleader, collaborator, and recording artist. 

A fifteen-time Grammy nominee, Hersch has regularly garnered jazz’s most prestigious awards and has long set the standard for expressive interpretation and inventive creativity, whether through his exquisite solo performances, as the leader of one of jazz’s era-defining trios, or in eloquent dialogue with his deeply attuned duo partners.

Course Contents

Start Here

  • Introduction

Accompanying a Singer

  • The Art of Accompanying a Singer
  • "Someone to Watch Over Me"
  • "I Thought About You" & "Quiet Nights"
  • "No One is Alone"

Duo with Clarinet

  • "I'm Getting Sentimental Over You"
  • "Mood Indigo"
  • "Doce de Coco"
  • "Lee's Dream"

Duo with Bass

  • "Just Friends"
  • "Someday My Prince Will Come"
  • "Body And Soul"
  • "A Lark"
  • Fred & Drew In Conversation
  • "Doxy"

In Conclusion

  • Closing Message from Fred