Rhythm Section Workout

Create interesting arrangements on the fly, lock in with any rhythm section in any situation and understand how these masters approach comping and improv in this course featuring Peter Martin, Reuben Rogers and Greg Hutchinson.

Tighten up your trio.

✅ You’re about to learn everything a world-class trio knows.
✅ You’re about to see every note they play.
✅ You’re about to watch them break down their secrets in real time with real talk.
✅ And you’re about to PLAY ALONGWITH THEM.
Welcome to the bandstand.

On day one, you will start to:

  • create interesting arrangements on the fly
  • lock in with any rhythm section in any situation
  • understand how these masters approach comping and improv
  • LEVEL 4
  • 35 videos
  • 4 hour
  • Living Notation
  • PDFS
  • Subtitles: English • Spanish • Italian

Meet Your Instructor

Peter Martin is an acclaimed jazz pianist, educator, and founder of Open Studio. Peter has performed and recorded on six continents with Wynton Marsalis, Dianne Reeves, Betty Carter, Christian McBride, Joshua Redman as well as his own ensembles. He has recorded over 400 lessons, pioneering the field of online jazz education and was recently featured in the New York Times for his ground breaking work.

Peter co-hosts the acclaimed music podcast “You’ll Hear It” with Adam Maness.

Meet Your Instructor

Greg Hutchinson has performed and recorded with countless jazz greats including Betty Carter, Joshua Redman, Dianne Reeves, Wynton Marsalis, John Scofield, Roy Hargrove, Diana Krall and Harry Connick Jr. He has appeared on over 160 recordings, including several Grammy® winners and is widely known for his masterful technique, advanced expertise in bebop drumming. 

Meet Your Instructor

Imbued with both groove and spirit from birth, Reuben Rogers combined the calypso and reggae rhythms of his native Virgin Islands with the gospel sounds of the church and the freedom and improvisation of jazz to create the unique chemistry that would make him one of the most distinctive and in-demand bassists in modern jazz.

Reuben has performed with Charles Lloyd, Wynton Marsalis, Joshua Redman, Tomasz Stanko, Roy Hargrove, Marcus Roberts, Nicholas Payton, Mulgrew Miller, Jackie McLean and Dianne Reeves, among many others.

Course Contents

In Walked Bud

  • In Walked Bud – Performance
  • In Walked Bud – Lesson
  • In Walked Bud – Play-Along (Trio)
  • In Walked Bud – Piano Play-Along (Bass/Drums)
  • In Walked Bud – Drums Play-Along (Bass/Piano)
  • In Walked Bud – Bass Play-Along (Drums/Piano)

In a Mellow Tone

  • In a Mellow Tone – Performance
  • In a Mellow Tone – Lesson


  • Crazeology – Performance
  • Crazeology – Lesson
  • Crazeology – Play-Along (Trio)
  • Crazeology – Piano Play-Along (Bass/Drums)
  • Crazeology – Drums Play-Along (Bass/Piano)
  • Crazeology – Bass Play-Along (Drums/Piano)

Cuba? New Orleans

  • Cuba… New Orleans – Performance
  • Cuba… New Orleans – Lesson


  • Emily – Performance
  • Emily – Lesson

Autumn Leaves

  • Autumn Leaves – Performance
  • Autumn Leaves – Lesson
  • Autumn Leaves – Play-Along (Trio)
  • Autumn Leaves – Piano Play-Along (Bass/Drums)
  • Autumn Leaves – Drums Play-Along (Bass/Piano)
  • Autumn Leaves – Bass Play-Along (Drums/Piano)
  • Autumn Leaves – Revisited

Monk?s Dream

  • Monk's Dream – Performance
  • Monk's Dream – Lesson
  • Monk's Dream – Play-Along (Trio)
  • Monk's Dream – Piano Play-Along (Bass/Drums)
  • Monk's Dream – Drums Play-Along (Bass/Piano)
  • Monk's Dream – Bass Play-Along (Drums/Piano)

Autumn Leaves in 7

  • Autumn Leaves in 7 – Performance
  • Autumn Leaves in 7 – Lesson

Flamenco Sketches

  • Flamenco Sketches – Performance
  • Flamenco Sketches – Lesson