Samba Pack

Learn Brazil’s most famous rhythm with Brazilian masters.

A perfect course for:
Pianists  •  Guitarists  •  Bassists  •  Drummers

The Party Starts…with YOU.

Samba is recognized around the world as the soundtrack of Brazil and Brazilian Carnival. Learn this infectious style from some of the most celebrated Brazilian masters: Helio Alves (piano), Edu Ribeiro (drums), Romero Lubambo(guitar), and the BRS Quartet.

The Samba Pack is a curated collection of 7 lesson videos from the acclaimed Open Studio library. Enjoy lifetime access to these foundational lessons on this fascinating rhythm. With over 2 hours of informative lessons, included in this pack are 13 downloadables (pdf’s, transcriptions, leadsheets and audio versions).

Course Contents

Course content

  • Fast Samba | BRS Quartet
  • Samba Solo Piano | Helio Alves
  • Samba | Edu Ribeiro
  • "Só Danço Samba" | Romero Lubambo
  • Medium Samba, pt. 1 | BRS Quartet
  • Samba With a Band | Helio Alves
  • Exploring the Samba, pt. 1 | Edu Ribeiro