The Harmony Games

Discover a better way to learn harmony with this series of fun games and Guided Practice Sessions from Adam Maness and his OS trio.

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“This course makes practicing more fun and very close to playing songs! More courses like this!”

Anderson P.

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“I can already see the fruit that this course will bear!”

Jessy R.

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“This course is mind blowing! I never thought this way. Looking at different views on making sounds.”

Piano Keys Illustration
Anthony B.

Fall in love with Harmony in a new way…

Explore Adam Maness’s top harmonic concepts through fun games that reveal not just the math, but the emotional power of your harmonic choices.

  • Learn Heart Melting chord movements you can use anywhere
  • Build amazing mode-mixing progressions with Cush Chords
  • Unleash your creativity with the power of Hinging
  • and so much more

Unlock the big picture – no mountain of theory required!

With our brand new Trio Guided Practice Sessions™ you won’t just be fed information without a plan. Adam and his OS Trio practice with you every step of the way to train and ingrain each concept in your playing fast and forever.

This course is perfect for songwriters and comping instruments alike, so join today and Let The Games Begin!

  • LEVEL 2
  • 20 Videos
  • 2 hours
  • 9 TRIO guided practice sessions
  • PDF workbook
  • Subtitles: English • ESPAÑOL
  • AUDIO: English • ESPAÑOL

Practice with the Trio

You’ve got this! With the Trio Guided Practice Sessions, you’ll play along with Adam, Bob Deboo (bass), and Kaleb Kirby (drums) through each game – learning exactly what and how to practice to make the most of your limited time.

Meet Your Instructor

As Open Studio’s Creative Director, Adam Maness develops the curriculum of all of the courses, in addition to teaching his own popular course like Magic Voicing SystemPiano Fingering Independence and more.

Adam is a versatile pianist, arranger, composer, and producer whose performances, original compositions, and arrangements have been featured on numerous recordings and on national and international radio and television broadcasts. He is best known as co-founder and composer for the genre-bending chamber ensemble, The 442s.

What’s In The Course

Course content

  • Let The Games Begin
  • The Family
  • The Family GPS
  • Backing Up The Circle
  • Backing Up The Circle GPS
  • Cush Chords
  • Cush Chords GPS
  • Timeless Chords
  • Timeless Chords GPS
  • The Heart Melter Chords
  • The Heart Melter Chords GPS
  • One Note On Top
  • One Note On Top GPS
  • Chord Connectors
  • Chord Connectors GPS
  • Hinging
  • Hinging GPS
  • Going Home
  • Going Home GPS
  • Game Over

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this course for me if I don’t play piano?

A. Yes! This course is great for any instrument that uses harmony – including bass and guitar.

Q: What level is this course? Is this for me if I’m a beginner?

A. This course is Level 2/Beginner in our course content. If you’re brand new to your instrument, check out our Level 1 content here.

Q. What if I get started and this course is too advanced for me?

A. We have a 30-day Complete Satisfaction Guarantee, so just reach out to our Member Support team via email or chat and we’ll exchange or refund your purchase.