The Monk Pack

Seven lessons that journey through Thelonious Monk’s unique style and celebrated compositions, curated from Peter Martin’s acclaimed Jazz Piano Method.

Master the music of Monk.

Are you ready to dig into the world of Thelonious Monk?

From ‘Round Midnight to Blue Monk to lesser known tunes like Criss-Cross and Reflections, the canon of Monk’s compositions are required reading for your jazz piano journey. 

But, you’ll need more than a slimmed down lead sheet to understand the finer details and architecture underlying Monk’s tunes. 

Acclaimed pianist and educator Peter Martin breaks down the idiosyncrasies and delights of Monk’s approach with 7 lessons on 7 essential tunes in this curated collection of lessons from the Jazz Piano Method (JPM). 

Course Contents

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  • Welcome to the Monk Pack!


  • Blue Monk
  • Monk's Dream
  • Round Midnight
  • Criss-Cross
  • Green Chimneys
  • Evidence
  • Reflections