Voicings Pack

with Peter Martin and Geoffrey Keezer

Build better chords to be a better pianist.

Don’t get caught not knowing what to play over certain chord changes. Make all of your voicings and voice leading crisp and clear with the help of two modern jazz piano masters.

The Voicings Pack is a curated collection of 12 lessons from the acclaimed Open Studio library. Enjoy lifetime access to these foundational lessons on VOICINGS. With almost 2 hours of informative lessons and 3 play-alongs which include pdf’s, transcriptions and audio downloads.

Course Contents

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  • The Voicings Pack Welcome


  • "Element Blues" ? Voicings | Peter Martin
  • 2-Handed Voicings | Peter Martin
  • Block Chords | Geoffrey Keezer
  • "Quiet Nights" ? Voicings | Peter Martin
  • Voicings Revisited | Peter Martin
  • "When I Fall in Love" ? Voicings | Peter Martin
  • Comping & Voicing Exploration | Peter Martin
  • Contemporary Minor Voicings (1/2) | Geoffrey Keezer
  • Contemporary Minor Voicings (2/2) | Geoffrey Keezer
  • "Element Blues" ? Voicings Trade/Play-Along
  • "Quiet Nights" ? Voicings Trade/Play-Along
  • "When I Fall in Love" ? Voicings Trade/Play-Along