Dynamic Modern Jazz Composition

Do you have writer's block when it comes to writing a tune? Get the tools you need to effectively put pen to paper and convey your musical visions with help from Peter Martin.

Get inspired

Crafting, editing, adding, removing. It's all here in this course that gives unfettered access to the process Peter uses to bring tunes to life.

Each lesson covers one of the compositions from Peter's new release Generation S.

Topics include:

  • tempos

  • different grooves

  • introductions

  • and more

Peter Martin lets you sit in on his philosophy and technique of composing as he writes and arranges 8 tunes from his new album release Generation S right in front of your ears.

Generation S

On Sept 7, Peter's new band gathered to play a series of Peter's original tunes to record an album in one take.

This course documents Peter's process in composing all of the tunes included in the album.

Generation S: Greg Hutchinson (drums), Peter Martin (piano), Reuben Rogers (bass), and Sarah Hanahan (alto saxophone)

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About your instructor

Peter Martin is an acclaimed jazz pianist, educator, and founder of Open Studio. Peter has performed and recorded on six continents with Wynton Marsalis, Dianne Reeves, Betty Carter, Christian McBride, Joshua Redman as well as his own ensembles. He has recorded over 400 lessons, pioneering the field of online jazz education and was recently featured in the New York Times for his ground breaking work.

Peter co-hosts the acclaimed music podcast "You'll Hear It" with Adam Maness.

What's in the course


    Generation S
      That's What's Up
        The Path Adjacent
          Groove Echo Chamber
            Gratitude In Motion
              Abstract Courage
                Alfred T
                  Finding Our Infinity
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