Jazz Glossary by Open Studio

Jazz Glossary

A comprehensive, quick-reference guide for common chords, scales, and terms used in jazz

Finally, the keys to understanding jazz theory.

In jazz, what you hear on the records is far more important than any theory written after the fact. Don't be left in the dark to the sounds you've been hearing.

This simple, quick-reference guide was designed to cut right to the heart of jazz theory and get you caught up to the sounds you love.

Don't just hear it. See it.

With concise and clear video explanations that feature our Living Notation and a corresponding pdf workbook, you’ll absorb the crucial building blocks of the jazz language and gain the confidence to make good musical choices when you improvise.

After this course...

You'll be able to:
  • Recognize which scales can be played over which chords
  • Know the meaning of chord symbols
  • Recognize common chord voicings
  • Understand the definition of common terms like “comping,” and “two-feel."

Workbook Included

Includes downloadable PDF version of the comprehensive 30-page workbook that is the perfect supplement to the course. 

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"The courses are truly special and have already improved my playing!"
Jonas R. (GER)
"A great place to learn, and share- truly complete, covering all aspects of the music with humanness and flair- inspirational." 
Jody S. (USA)

Meet Your Teacher

Adam Maness is a versatile pianist, arranger, composer, and producer whose performances, original compositions, and arrangements have been featured on numerous recordings and on national and international radio and television broadcasts. He is best known as co-founder and composer for the genre-bending chamber ensemble, The 442s. 

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What's Included:

Start Here
Glossary Introduction
1 min
How To Use Living Notation
1.58 MB
Major Scale 🎼
Dorian Scale 🎼
Dominant Scale 🎼
Lydian Scale 🎼
Phrygian Scale 🎼
Melodic Minor Scale 🎼
Altered Scale 🎼
Lydian Dominant Scale 🎼
Bebop Scale 🎼
Major Bebop Scale 🎼
Minor Bebop Scale 🎼
Pentatonic Scale and It's Relative Minor Pentatonic Scale 🎼
Minor 6 Pentatonic Scale 🎼
Half Whole Diminished Scale 🎼
Whole Half Diminished Scale 🎼
Whole Tone Scale 🎼
Chromatic Scale 🎼
Chords and Voicings
Major Triad 🎼
Major 7th 🎼
Major 9th 🎼
Major 13th 🎼
Major 6/9 🎼
Major 7th (#11) 🎼
Minor Triad 🎼
Minor 7th 🎼
Minor 9th 🎼
Minor 11th 🎼
Minor 13th 🎼
Minor 6th 🎼
Minor (Maj7) 🎼
Dominant 7th 🎼
Dominant 9th 🎼
Dominant 13th 🎼
Dominant 7th (#11) 🎼
Dominant 7th (b9) 🎼
Dominant 7th Alt. 🎼
Augmented Triad 🎼
Diminished Triad 🎼
Diminished 7th 🎼
Half Diminished 🎼
Simple Player Versions
Major Scale
1 min
Dorian Scale
2 mins
Dominant Scale
2 mins
Lydian Scale
2 mins
Phrygian Scale
2 mins
Melodic Minor Scale
2 mins
Altered Scale
2 mins
Lydian Dominant Scale
2 mins
Bebop Scale
1 min
Major Bebop Scale
1 min
Minor Bebop Scale
1 min
Pentatonic Scale and It's Relative Minor Pentatonic Scale
3 mins
Minor 6 Pentatonic Scale
1 min
Half Whole Diminished Scale
2 mins
Whole Half Diminished Scale
3 mins
Whole Tone Scale
1 min
Chromatic Scale
1 min
Major Triad
1 min
Major 7th
1 min
Major 9th
2 mins
Major 13th
2 mins
Major 6/9
2 mins
Major 7th (#11)
2 mins
Minor Triad
1 min
Minor 7th
2 mins
Minor 9th
1 min
Minor 11th
2 mins
Minor 13th
2 mins
Minor 6th
1 min
Minor (Maj7)
1 min
Dominant 7th
1 min
Dominant 9th
1 min
Dominant 13th
2 mins
Dominant 7th (#11)
2 mins
Dominant 7th (b9)
1 min
Dominant 7th Alt.
2 mins
Augmented Triad
1 min
Diminished Triad
1 min
Diminished 7th
1 min
Half Diminished
2 mins


Is this course right for me?

The Jazz Glossary is a perfect fit for you if:
  • You want a quick reference for chords, scales, and jazz theory
  • You like to learn by listening, watching, and reading notation

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