Jazz Piano Basics | Vol. 2: Left Hand Voicings by Open Studio

Jazz Piano Basics | Vol. 2: Left Hand Voicings

Left Hand Voicings
Activate your left side.

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Learn the RIGHT way to comp for yourself.

Want to play voicings that make every other part of your playing sound great?

Adam Maness shows you the five essential ways to build great-sounding, fundamental left-hand voicings. 

From rooted voicings that are perfect for solo piano, to modern 4ths and clusters, you'll develop a solid left hand that works in any situation. 

All of this great harmony is demonstrated over popular jazz standards like "Oleo", "Solar", and "I Remember You".

After completing this course you'll be able to...

  • 🎹 Play the 5 essential solo piano and rootless voicings in any situation
  • 🎶 Develop better voice leading, "inside movers", and diatonic planing
  • 📝 Write your own left-hand voicing arrangements and exercises
  • ✨ Play great voicings over popular jazz standards and forms

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Meet your teacher

Adam Maness is a versatile pianist, arranger, composer, and producer whose performances, original compositions, and arrangements have been featured on numerous recordings and on national and international radio and television broadcasts. He is best known as co-founder and composer for the genre-bending chamber ensemble, The 442s. 

Applause from members

"Adam is the private lesson instructor I wish I had. Your ability to convey these concepts is a real gift."
Robert B. (USA)
"Adam is fantastic, explaining very clearly (even for non-English people), motivating and cool. Extremely good value for money! 
Alexis D. (France)

Course contents

Start Here
2 mins
3.13 MB
1. Root + Half-Shell
Root + Half-Shell Lesson Sheet.pdf
19.5 KB
Root + Half-Shell Worksheet.pdf
23.5 KB
Root + Half-Shell Worksheet (key).pdf
25.6 KB
2. Root + Shell
Root + Shell Lesson Sheet.pdf
20.5 KB
Root + Shell Worksheet.pdf
24.1 KB
Root + Shell Worksheet (key).pdf
26.8 KB
3. Shell + Pretty
Shell + Pretty Lesson Sheet.pdf
25.3 KB
Shell + Pretty Worksheet.pdf
23 KB
Shell + Pretty Worksheet (key).pdf
30.1 KB
4. Fourths
4ths Lesson Sheet.pdf
18 KB
4ths Worksheet.pdf
20.1 KB
4ths Worksheet (key).pdf
29.9 KB
5. Clusters
Clusters Lesson Sheet.pdf
17.9 KB
Clusters Worksheet.pdf
17.6 KB
Clusters Worksheet (key).pdf
18.8 KB
Audio Versions of Lessons
Root + Half-Shell
13 mins
Root + Shell
12 mins
Shell + Pretty
12 mins
10 mins
9 mins
Simple Player Versions
Root + Half-Shell
13 mins
Root + Shell
12 mins
Shell + Pretty
12 mins
10 mins
9 mins
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