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    Live sessions, growth accountability, and supportive community. It's all here.

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    Fall in love with practicing again.

    The LIVE daily coaching you've been looking for

    50+ live sessions every month for all instruments at all levels.

    • Guided Practice Sessions™

    • Transcribing Hacks

    • Ear Training 

    • Rhythm Practice 

    • Bebop for All

    • Guitar Harmony 

    • Borrowing from the Masters

    • Bass Masters Club

    • Workshops with guest artists

    I have learned more in the past six months of Open Studio Pro than the 16 years prior, so I believe we don't know our true potential."
    Thomas K. (OS Pro Member)

    Weekly live sessions for all instruments

    All sessions are recorded with entire archive available for OS Pro members.

    Thrive in Open Studio Pro

    With a full variety of live sessions, many instruments can benefit from Open Studio Pro. Additional session of value are the Rhythm Training and Repertoire Club.


    Pianist Adam Maness leads the way with five live sessions a week. Master a new tune every month in the Repertoire Club, learn the language of jazz piano legends in the transcribing focused Piano Masters Club, and train your ears with daily ear training.


    Guitarist Chris Parks coaches bebop three times a week, translating the Barry Harris method to guitar, and helping all instruments with ideas for improvisation, Barry’s 6th-diminished chord system, and bebop repertoire.


    Bassist Bob DeBoo is live four times a week, laying out bass fundamentals and low-end theory Bass Guided Practice Sessions, helping you create bass lines like bass legends in the Bass Masters Club, and helping all players work on the most important element in jazz with weekly Rhythm Training sessions.

    As an Open Studio Pro member, you will:

    • discover new ways to practice

    • improve your ear training

    • master rhythm & improvisation

    • receive meaningful feedback on your playing from pros

    • be encouraged by a community of like-minded peers

    • be motivated grow your playing

    Be a part of the global community

    EXCLUSIVE access to the Open Studio Pro area in our community where you can:

    • share your favorite performance or your own playing with the group.

    • become part of a collective of like-minded players helping each other to play better.

    • view the archive of daily trainings.

    One Member's Story

    Bruce W. (member since 2021)

    I love OSPro for the instructors, the content, and the community.

    The music backgrounds are so diverse, from piano teachers to dilettantes. There are many like me with a hodgepodge background of lessons and learning where some of the basics were inadvertently missed but are taken for granted at the level we are learning with Adam. 

    I have come miles in my own journey since beginning with OSPro and am very encouraged to pursue it. I appreciate the tolerance my more knowledge colleagues have as I know they, at some point, have passed the same markers on the journey that I come to.

    Empowerment and Growth

    Includes Live Sessions + Open Studio courses

    Open Studio Pro includes access to all courses, all artists and all instruments at Open Studio, in addition to the 15+ live sessions every week.


    What are Live Guided Practice Sessions?

    Practice live with a mentor and the OSpro community.

    Live Guided Practice Sessions are coaching sessions held over zoom where you practice along with the instructor in real-time.

    Get instant feedback, answers, and inspiration.

    Will I be able to interact with the artists?

    Yes! You'll have a direct line to all of our Open Studio Pro instructors.

    Get feedback and instruction during live classes, post your playing in the Community, or send a DM to instructors or fellow members.

    Join Open Studio Pro today.

    What is the schedule of live sessions?

    We've got sessions for all time zones and are always adding new sessions.

    Below is a typical schedule.
    If you can't make a session, the archive is available to you.

    Can I still participate if I can't make live sessions?

    We've got sessions for every time zone (schedule here) and Saturday sessions, too.

    We've found live attendance to be the best experience, but you can always catch up with the live archive.

    Does Open Studio Pro include all of the courses at Open Studio

    Yes. In addition to all of the exclusive live classes, Open Studio Pro includes our complete catalogue of recorded courses. All instruments. All artists.

    Am I ready for Open Studio Pro?

    Open Studio Pro is designed to benefit ALL levels and ANY instrument (we've had tuba, violin, and more).

    If you're looking to start playing better, ready to commit to your craft, and down to learn alongside an amazing community – then you're perfect for OSpro!

    Brian H.

    "I'm loving the Guided Practice Sessions. They have given me a fresh new perspective for my practice...they are really making a difference"

    Christoph H.

    "What an amazing resource. I just can't get enough of it. Absolutely true to their word you are guaranteed to become a better player." 

    Hiram L.

    "A nice way of keeping you motivated...the community of members are positive and supportive." 

    Your Community Leaders

    Adam Maness

    Creative Director

    • Technique Club
    • Jazz Piano Fundamentals
    • Feedback Friday Session
    • Piano Masters Club
    • Ear Training
    • Listening Session

    Bob DeBoo

    Bass Guru

    • Rhythm Training
    • Bass Guided Practice: Bassics
    • Bass Guided Practice Session
    • Bass Masters Club

    Chris Parks

    Bebop & Guitar Instructor

    • Bebop for All
    • Guitar Harmony
    • Soloing for Guitar

    Peter Martin

    Founder, Open Studio

    • Jazz Piano Method LIVE

    Jeremy Siskind

    Jazz Educator

    • Borrowing from the Masters
    • Solo Piano Basics
    • Modal Jazz Deep Dive

    John O'Leary

    Improvisation Instructor

    • Modern Jazz Improvisation