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Open Studio Pro

Turn passion into progress with live classes inside the #1 jazz community

Open Studio Pro

Turn passion into progress with live classes inside the #1 jazz community

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How it all began

Hello. My name is Adam Maness, Creative Director here at Open Studio. In March 2020, as the world ground to a halt and we all sheltered safely at home, I found myself feeling a loneliness I had never experienced before. With gigs dried up and cut off from my usual Open Studio routine, I found myself musically isolated, with only my computer and piano for company. 

So out of desperation for human contact more than anything else, I shot off an email to Open Studio members to see if anyone wanted to hop on Zoom with me to practice? 

To my surprise, I opened up the room and dozens of members flooded in – a full screen of friendly faces excited to make some music together during those quiet, uncertain times.

We Had So Much Fun Together, So We Kept On Going.

Every day at noon, musicians across the world would tune in, and what began as a desperate plea quickly evolved into something much more…

These live sessions became a cornerstone of our days, a regular nightly appointment for some, a break from the monotony of work-from-home life for others, and a way for all of us to continue to musically connect with others.

Over time, these Daily Guided Practice Sessions became more than just a way to pass the time and connect musically. They were a potent method for progress. Players weren’t just showing up, they were getting better, and faster than they could have ever done alone. We had stumbled into a MAJOR breakthrough…

The Missing Link In Online Music Education Is Community!

It’s the informal hangs with mentors and peers, the shared bandstand successes (& struggles), and the passionate musical debates you find in the common areas of music schools.

So we set out to create an online space to do just that. We recruited world-class instructors like pianist Jeremy Siskind, bassist Bob DeBoo, bebop and guitar specialist Chris Parks – and even convinced our CEO and founder Peter Martin to make his weekly Jazz Piano Method lessons a LIVE, interactive experience. 

We built a bespoke social community so members could connect with each other, share their playing and progress, and dig through a quickly ballooning archive of their favorite classes.

Introducing Open Studio Pro…

Unlock your
fullest potential

We transform beginners and professionals alike into better, more confident, more inspired jazz musicians.

That’s why we’re willing to promise: you’ll be a better player. Guaranteed.®

Does This Sound Like You?

  • Worried you’re not practicing the right way? or the right stuff?
  • Always end up playing the same tunes, chords, and licks over and over?
  • Feeling stuck? Or wish you could get faster results?
  • Tried it all before: books? YouTube? Online Courses? Music School? 
  • …and it’s just not clicking?
  • Well here’s the hard truth about learning music…
It’s impossible to “information” your way to playing jazz better.

Like learning any language, mastery comes from total immersion—not just study, but living a musical life.

This is where Open Studio Pro comes in.

Your sanctuary for jazz exploration. Open Studio Pro offers a comprehensive jazz program designed to bring your musical dreams to life, regardless of where you live or how long you’ve been playing.

We’ve redefined jazz education with an immersive learning experience far beyond your typical online program—and without the stuffiness and expense of a traditional music school. 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of practice with live daily classes taught by world class musicians and educators, who make every session a fun, engaging, and interactive journey.

Embrace the Open Studio Pro Way:
your path to jazz mastery

Play Better

93% of members report feeling twice as good about their playing after just two months.

Practice More

Half of our members attend at least 5 live classes every week, with 100% of classes available for replay.

Create Community

9 out of 10 members recommend Open Studio Pro to their musical friends who want to play better.

Upgrading is easy! 

For only $136/mo get access to the 20+ weekly live sessions, the complete replay archive, and the full library of Open Studio courses. 

Simply click below and select “Change Subscription”, then “Open Studio Pro”.

When you join, you’ll have ’round-the-clock access to:

  • 20+ live classes every week devoted to learning new tunes, improvisation, comping, ear training, bebop and so much more.
  • Direct mentorship from world class musicians and educators. 
  • Personalized feedback for real-time results.
  • An incredible tight-knit community of supportive and inspiring musicians just like you.
  • Unique performance opportunities, transcription challenges, and even an entirely student-led “Low Bar” jam session.
  • And don’t worry if you can’t make it live, replays of every class are available on-demand in the OSpro Archive.
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Your Open Studio Instructors

It’s Open Studio, so you know we’ve gathered the best guides in the world for your jazz journey. 

Professional musicians and excellent educators, who’ve studied with the best, traveled the globe, and shared stages with jazz legends.

You’ll get to know them on a personal level, and over time they’ll get to know you too – providing a personalized pathway that’s tailor-made to fit your pace and passions. 

Adam Maness

Repertoire Club
Piano Masters Club
Trio GPS
Feedback Friday
The Harmony of Radiohead

Chris Parks

Bebop for All
Guitar Harmony
Soloing for Guitar
Office Hours

Jeremy Siskind

Solo Piano: Explained

Peter Martin

Jazz Piano Method: Live
The Harmony of Stevie Wonder

Caili O’Doherty

Chord Fundamentals

Bob DeBoo

Rhythm Training
Upright Bass Technique
Bass GPS
Bass Masters Club

Our Community…

With Open Studio Pro, you’re not signing up for another fruitless self-guided journey that leaves you even more frustrated and confused than when you started. You’re stepping into a vibrant community designed not only for faster results but for cultivating a spirit of Happy Practicing

You’ll forge musical friendships across oceans, connecting with like-minded musicians in ways you never imagined. And many members move these connections into real-life meetups, sharing stages and stories in person – turning virtual applause into lifelong bonds.

Our Players…

Whether you’re a beginner finding your rhythm or an experienced player looking to deepen your craft, Open Studio Pro adapts to meet you where you are—transforming your practice into performance, your doubts into confidence, and your passion into a way of life.

Trusted by over 26,000 players like you

4.8 / 5 from over 1,800 reviews


Pay as you go

20+ LIVE sessions weekly.
Feedback on your playing.
50+ courses (1800 lessons).
Live session replays.
30-Day satisfaction guarantee.
Cancel Anytime.



Pay annually and save BIG

20+ LIVE sessions weekly.
Feedback on your playing.
50+ courses (1800+ lessons).
LIVE sessions replays.
30-Day satisfaction guarantee.
Cancel Anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to interact with the instructors?

Absolutely! You’ll have a direct line to all of our Open Studio Pro instructors. They will know you by name. 
Get feedback and instruction during live classes, post your playing in the Community, or send a DM to instructors or fellow members. 

Can I still participate if I can’t make live sessions?

We’ve got classes for every time zone (schedule here) and Saturday sessions, too.
We’ve found live attendance to be the best experience, but you can always catch up on replays in the OSpro Archive. 

Will I have access to all of my Open Studio courses?

Yes. In addition to all of the exclusive live classes, Open Studio Pro includes our complete catalog of recorded courses. All instruments. All artists.

What are Live Guided Practice Sessions?

Practice live with a mentor and the OSpro community.
Live Guided Practice Sessions describes the format for most of our live classes. It’s similar to the Guided Practice Sessions included in many of our courses, except held over Zoom where you can interact and practice along with the instructor in real-time.
Get instant feedback, answers, and inspiration. 

Am I ready for Open Studio Pro?

Open Studio Pro is designed to benefit ALL levels and ANY instrument (we’ve had tuba, violin, and more).
If you’re looking to start playing better, ready to commit to your craft, and down to learn alongside an amazing community – then you’re perfect for OSpro! 

What if I join, then realize it’s not right for me?

You’ve got 30 days to get 100% of your money back.
We want to make sure you have enough time to get acquainted with everything our instructors, classes, and community have to offer, before you make a final decision. 
If you don’t feel progress within 30 days, simply contact our member support team for a full refund or to switch to Open Studio.