Bass Pathway

Welcome to the Bass Pathway – if you’re looking for a good place to dive into our bass courses then you are in the right place. These lessons are here to meet your needs no matter where you currently are on the path. Each level has been designed to progress as you do. Always feel free to bounce around different levels and discover gems… it is your journey after all! 

In the spirit of being a well-rounded musician we have even suggested some courses that are not bass specific. It cannot be denied that every great bassist should have a strong ear and solid rhythm, as well as great technique and ideas. 

Level 1

For bassists looking for fundamental concepts and techniques. A great place to start if you are an electric bassist looking to add upright to your arsenal, brand new to jazz, or a seasoned pro looking to revisit the bassics! This level covers sound concepts, feel, time, fingerboard positions, basic walking ideas, scales, triads, and rhythmic concepts.   

Level 2

Level 2 is a solid place to dig into concepts on building better walking bass lines, along with a look at foundational concepts like intonation, playing in a rhythm section,  and ear-training

Level 3

If you feel like you have the fundamental concepts down, then Level 3 might be a good fit. We get into some higher-level concepts like triad expansion ideas, walking, playing fast, ballads, and so much more!

Level 4

For the advanced bassist with lots of experience that is looking to fortify their knowledge with ideas from Jazz Legends like Ron Carter and Christian McBride. This level also explores essential concepts related specifically to the rhythm section.