Piano Guided Practice Pass

Never feel stuck wondering what to practice again. Never feel overwhelmed with too many choices of what to practice again.  Let a pro jazz pianist tell you exactly what and how to practice so you can get real results today.

Only $90 per year (or $10 per month)
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What's included:

  • The Daily Guided Practice Session and archive
  • Exclusive daily LIVE Guided Practice Sessions and Q&A's
  • The Guided Practice App for iOS & Android
  • Tons of extra resources to assist in your practice routine

*Included in the Piano Access Pass or All-Access Pass memberships.

The Daily Guided Practice Session™

An audio guided session posted every day, only available with our memberships. 

These audio-only sessions will focus on technique, scales, arpeggios, bebop, voicings, and other super useful piano technique exercises, warm-ups and more.

This is a LIVE thing!

Join your GPS guru, Adam Maness as he conducts daily LIVE Guided Practice Sessions and Q&A's for members only.

Take Guided Practice on the Go!

With the Guided Practice App, you get the latest Guided Practice sessions, complete archives, and curated podcast episodes with practice tips and conversations.

No excuses now!

Try Guided Practice FREE

Test it out for yourself! See how practice with Adam can help you with a free sample of his Daily Guided Practice Session™.
Practice with Adam
"The Guided Practice Sessions are a great tool to encourage you to practice and hold you accountable for each day... they show you how much mileage you can get out of working on one concept."
Zach (member)
"For someone who has never really structured their piano practice, Open Studio's Guided Practice Sessions have been a great way for me to get on that path. Very straightforward and clear!"
Emelio (member)

You can’t “theory” your way to playing better.

Imagine you wanted to learn how to hit a tennis ball. You read a book about how to precisely position your body, where and when to shift your weight, the angle of your racket, the exact moment to strike the ball. Are you a better tennis player yet? Of course not.
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What our members say about the GPS

"...Guided Practice Sessions help you improve your understanding of this music and your playing. After over a year of practice using their courses, I feel much more at ease on the keyboard." 
Pierre E. from France
"I really like the format of the Guided Practice Sessions, it's nearly like having Adam and Peter around. Love the podcast, and all the other brilliant resources on Open Studio."
Dave M. from Australia

The Guided Practice Session™

Our Guided Practice Sessions™ are designed to get you out of the endless cycle of trying to “information” your way to better music. Our experienced pros will practice with you, guiding you through focused repetition and pushing just outside of your comfort zone enough for you to see sustained growth.
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