Instructors / John Beasley

John Beasley

Jazz Piano Method

Open During Construction

The Harmony Games

Jazz Piano: Inside & Out

The Harmony of Stevie Wonder

The Harmony of Radiohead

Jazz Piano Jump-Start

Jazz Piano for Beginners

Elements of Jazz Piano

Thoughts and Experiments with Solo Piano

Advanced Jazz Piano Concepts

Define Your Voice

Bebop Chords for Beginners

Brazilian Jazz Piano

Elements of Solo Piano

Block Chords Made Easy

Elements of Jazz Vocals

Fundamentals of Jazz Bass and Beyond

Jazz Trumpet Fundamentals | Vol. 1

Jazz Trumpet Fundamentals | Vol. 2

Jazz Vibraphone Voicings

Fundamentals of Jazz Saxophone

Jazz Guitar Foundations

Essential Jazz Piano Etudes

Meditations on Jazz Piano

Genius Chord Warmups

Your Sound Is Your Signature

Blueprint for Jazz Bass

Where Are The Notes

Building Blocks of Bass

Jazz Bass for Beginners

Better Intonation in a Week

Barry Harris’ Scales of Chords

Bossa Nova Jump-Start

Brazilian Jazz Guitar

Brazilian Jazz Guitar (em Português)

Jazz Bassline Bass-ics: Walking

Finding Your Beat

Fundamentals of Jazz Drumming

Brazilian Jazz Drumming

Introduction to Brazilian Rhythm

Great Guitar Covers

Language of Jazz Guitar

Hearing Great Harmony


Walk Like Paul Chambers

Bass Triads System

Art of Swing

Jazz Brushes for Beginners

Jazz Chords for Beginners

Jazz Drumming 101

Walking with Scales

Jazz Piano Basics | Vol. 1: Lead Sheet Breakdown

Jazz Piano Basics | Vol. 2: Left Hand Voicings

Jazz Piano Essentials

Jazz Piano Technique | Vol. 1: Pentatonics

Jazz Scales for Beginners

Just Friends: Art of the Duo

Keez to Jazz Piano

Rhythm Section Fundamentals

Lubambo Method

Magic Voicing System

Rhythm Section Workout

Brazilian Rhythm Section

Piano Finger Independence

Dynamic Modern Jazz Composition

Improvisation for All

The Major Scale Course

Triad Pairs Training

Jazz Glossary

Language of the Masters

Mastering Rhythm

5-Minute Ear Training

Bebop Enclosures for Beginners

Solo Piano Basics: Medium Tempo

Barry Harris’ World of Soloing

Pentatonics and Playing Out

Lubambo Method: Sampler Pack

Blues Pack

Samba Pack

Stevie Wonder Pack

Chords Practice Pack

Open Studio Sample Pack

The Monk Pack

Voicings Pack

The Bird Pack

Bebop Pack

Ballads Pack

Bebop Practice Pack

Modern Jazz Pack

Hutchology: Sampler Pack

Jazz Piano Method: Sampler Pack

Guitar Voicings Pack