Piano Pathway

Our courses guide you from any skill level to your desired piano proficiency. We’ve divided this journey into 4 Levels, each centered around an anchor course – a 4-6 hour comprehensive program, with lessons that progressively enhance your skills, covering a wide range of techniques and practice methods.

Focused deep-dive courses within each Level build on the anchor, refining specific skills and offering comprehensive support across all courses.

Once you’ve chosen your starting Level, mix in courses from other Levels to enrich your learning experience and customize your path based on your interests.

Level 1

For those with little piano experience, but aspirations of playing jazz piano, covering the necessary basic skills, including song formsimprovisationscaleschordsvoicings, and different types of feel.

Level 2

You have some knowledge of and experience with the piano, and want to get started digging into jazz piano. 

Level 3

You have intermediate experience with jazz piano— know some tunes, can improvise a little over chord changes, and have basic knowledge of chord voicings, but feel there are big gaps in your jazz piano experience.

Level 4

For the advanced student with lots of experience playing jazz, including playing with other musicians regularly, and may even be a pro player, but want to support your playing with new ideas, concepts, and techniques.